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Predictions available for 19,635 genes.

Predictions are based on gene expression profiles of 106,462 sample.

These samples represent many tissue types, disease states, cellular contexts, experimental variation and therapeutic/chemical perturbations.

Gene set databaseNumber of gene sets included
Gene Ontology - Biological Process (MSigDB v6.2)4203
Gene Ontology - Molecular Function (MSigDB v6.2)843
Gene Ontology - Cellular Component (MSigDB v6.2)528
REACTOME (MSigDB v6.2)645
KEGG (MSigDB v6.2)185
BIOCARTA (MSigDB v6.2)210
Chemical and Genetic Perturbations (CGP MSigDB v6.2)2968
Transcription Factor Targets (TFT MSigDB v6.2)573
MicroRNA Targets (MIR MSigDB v6.2)205
Hallmark Gene Sets (MSigDB v6.2)50
Cancer Gene Neighborhoods (CGN MSigDB v6.2)427
Cancer Modules (CM MSigDB v6.2)427
Oncogenic Signatures (MSigDB v6.2)189
Immunologic Signatures (MSigDB v6.2)4872
Mammalian Phenotypes (MGI April 2018)4004
Human Phenotype Ontology (April 2018)3100

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